Webinar Recap: Why You Need Model-Based Definition Now

If you missed our webinar about how to turn a profit from your blog and generate greater audience engagement — or you’d like to enjoy it all over again — check out the full recording here. As a result of this effort, Less Friction managed to attract more high converting sessions over a period of time resulting in more sales from a previously untapped target group. Also, they were able ensure that they didn’t miss an opportunity by constantly monitoring the target group and their behavior. Providing a simplified SAQ for goods providers , saving time and effort for suppliers and giving visibility to buyers more quickly. We’ll be launching a simplified SAQ for goods providers early next year, saving time and effort for suppliers and giving visibility to buyers more quickly. The conversation focused on current and upcoming policy changes that mandate access to patient data and pricing information.

We sat down with PlanSource’s own Cat Miller and Bradley Taylor to see how employee engagement can be improved in today’s information age. The way to build a sustainable digital marketing strategy and not burn down quickly by creating tons of content pieces is to repurpose long-form content. So, take the content you already have and turn it into tens of different assets. Webinars are great tools if you want to market a new or improved product, train employees, demonstrate a new task, or have a meeting with employees located throughout the globe. Being an interactive form of media, Webinars provides a great environment for these activities and so muchmore.

Kerrie Hoffman is a Business Transformation and Human Potential Expert specializing in business growth and Digital business. She is Co-founder and Principal for Get Digital Velocity, working with large enterprises to accelerate the move to frictionless business. In addition, Kerrie is CEO and Owner of a FocalPoint Business Coaching Practice, working with small and mid-size companies as a Certified Business Coach and DigitalAdvisor. As a freelancer, Kerrie is Lead Strategist for The Congruity Group and keynote speaker at Industry venues. For the Connecting Conversations series, which Knowledge SUCCESS produces in partnership with FP2030, recaps have been a key dissemination channel.

webinar recap

This technique will also help you fill your social media feeds with content and boost social engagement. Watch the full webinar on-demand to learn more about model-based definition from our panel of experts. Nielson said one of the top metrics to look at when implementing a model-based system is first-time quality, which looks at how long it takes for engineers to make the next revision on a new product. She said those benefits include reducing change orders and manufacturing products as they are designed. “And with the one single source of truth, you can control who gets access to that one single source of truth, and there should be a lot less copies of it floating around” Quaglia added.

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When taking action is possible, it’s often delayed and inconsistent, as the analysis and interpretation of the data depend mainly on the skills and knowledge of the engineer. Manual efforts also increase the time spent on understanding data and the risk of error because pattern detection isn’t automatic. Companies stuck here often have other teams relying on a small subset of experts to locate and contextualize their data for analysis, creating bottlenecks that pose significant risks to the business. I had the pleasure of hosting a webinar last month in collaboration with DevOps.com to explore one solution – observability pipelines.

Mezmo provides a cloud-based observability pipeline to control, enrich, and correlate machine data across domains to drive actionability. The webinar is now on-demand for anyone who missed the initial experience or wants a refresher on observability pipelines. While The Source simplifies decision support, open enrollment and benefits utilization, it also hones in on employee engagement by driving Deploy a Flask App Using Gunicorn to App Platform convenience right from the palm of your employees hands. You have to pick the most bright section and tease future readers to attract more sales or downloads. Royal Cyber, joins APPSeCONNECT as a partner to deliver robust integration implementation for ERP and eCommerce applications to boost business efficiency. The core benefits of agile product development include optimized, dist…

Full initial audits will become digital, allowing us to improve audit quality through robust permissions and mandatory fields. This will also mean reducing time spent on publishing an audit by pre-populating data and removing duplication What Is SaaS SaaS Security in the Cloud for auditors. Get a free account and see why FastSpring is the ecommerce partner of choice for software providers around the world. Try our full-service ecommerce solution today to unlock revenue growth for your online company.

webinar recap

Overall, the recaps have been read nearly as many times as the number of live webinar participants and YouTube views combined. Some recaps have had four times as many views as the YouTube recordings, and five times as many views as there were live participants at the webinar. For any custom objects, the low-code platform can be used to deploy most of the solution and design the remaining customization quickly. We are continually monitoring performance of querying capabilities and adjusting our plans accordingly to continue improving the performance as required. We had increased API operations limit earlier in the year, and more recently in June based on feedback from developers. We will continue to observe feedback and improve performance of API capabilities in future.

With MBD, the model becomes the source authority that drives all engineering activities. This model may further be used downstream by suppliers and across organizations within an enterprise. ShippedIn ProgressUpcomingN/AComplex queries using custom entities (Oct-Nov Release)N/AAs we discussed during Developer Day, we have several important improvements currently in progress for the Forge storage API. Soon, developers will be able to get support for new ways of structuring data and indexes, query-by-value, and additional filters. If you missed it, the entire recording is available on our Atlassian Developer YouTube Channel.

Technique #1. Turn a long-form video into 2-minute clips

Don’t worry, we have gathered the highlights for you – and if you want the full experience, you can see the recording from the webinar at the end of this post. Continuing to build on the digital audit tool, with follow-up and periodic audits being completed in the new platform. We’ve partnered with Ali Nasser, CEO of Spiralyze, to breakdown how you can use conversion rate optimization to improve the performance of your digital campaigns. The technical storage or access that is used exclusively for anonymous statistical purposes. Without a subpoena, voluntary compliance on the part of your Internet Service Provider, or additional records from a third party, information stored or retrieved for this purpose alone cannot usually be used to identify you.

  • The panel then discussed the ways MBD can simplify engineering and workflows to other production teams.
  • Provides institutions with the ability to connect holistically with students to enhance their experience and streamline campus operations and collaborations.
  • So we decided to do our part to end the madness and share some of our secrets for tracking content marketing ROI in an awesome webinar with Kissmetrics last week.
  • Most employees don’t even know where to go for company information when they need it, making it difficult to drive engagement.
  • Our Early Access Program release will let you define up to 5 custom entities per app environment, or 15 entities per environment – future iterations will have higher limits.

We can’t always attend the many interesting webinars offered every week or watch a full recording afterward. And with many people preferring to consume information in a written format over watching a recording, webinar recaps are a quick knowledge management solution to address this challenge many of us in the FP/RH community face. Katherine Brown-Siebenaler is the Marketing Content Manager for PTC’s CAD team. Based in Austin, TX, Katherine is responsible for editing the Creo and Mathcad blogs. She has six years’ experience as a content creator for various corporate marketing teams, primarily in SaaS environments.

Keys to a Successful Migration and Modernization

The multi-step integrations offered not only notifications but also generated an error message with an approval button to allow instant actions. This helps at certain times during the business life cycle to streamline transactions. Kickstart your automation journey through pre-built integration templates. Choose from a wide array of applications to launch quickly and accelerate digital transformation.

Anderton posed the topic of data security and the importance of protecting intellectual property while still being able to share MBD models with stakeholders to the panel. PTC recently hosted a webinar, Why You Need Model-Based Definition Now, to answer exactly those questions. The webinar included an expert panel discussion covering a number of important MBD topics and concluded with a short demo of Creo’s MBD capabilities. Read on for a recap of the webinar and check out the on-demand recording here. Improving Forge hosted storage is important to us, and we’re targeting a release of October-November 2022 for this new feature. Our Early Access Program release will let you define up to 5 custom entities per app environment, or 15 entities per environment – future iterations will have higher limits.

Companies struggle to gain context from their data because it is not easy to use and, in most cases, isn’t human-readable. It arrives in various formats and often needs manual preparation or cleanup before it’s usable or valuable. Having to shuffle through this data to understand and take action manually isn’t optimal and saps time, energy, and resources that teams can spend elsewhere. Certainly, the most crucial technique is to focus on making the most of long-form text content.

webinar recap

Observability data is mission-critical for businesses that want to provide stellar customer experiences, remain secure and compliant, and mitigate risk. As economies transform due to COVID-19, digital transformation, and political turmoil, only leaders who adapt quickly to meet this increasing pace of change will find success in the coming decade. The biggest mistake, Shaina emphasized, is to only repurpose the new episodes. So, if what you talked about before is still relevant today, share this information with your audience by creating audiogram teasers.

Observability Pipelines Offer Affordable Data Management Without Compromising On Insights

The webinar highlighted the need for having SAP, Salesforce, and Slack automation and showcased how to use a low-code business process automation and integration platform to efficiently deploy it. However, methods that involve developing integrations from scratch can be highly time-consuming and resource intensive. Most organizations do not have the expertise, or the dedicated time needed to develop the integrations between SAP, Salesforce, and Slack in-house.

For modern enterprises, it has become prudent to implement dedicated best-of-breed business applications to manage distinct processes and streamline workflows. Applications like CRM , ERP , and business communication platforms are quickly becoming indispensable tools within the digital infrastructure for businesses of all sizes to manage a variety of tasks effectively. Salesforce and SAP are the industry-leading CRM and ERP applications that are often deployed by businesses to manage customer relationships, sales, and financials. On the other hand, Slack is a widely used business communication and collaboration platform for team members to communicate efficiently.

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We’ve created a new developer and marketplace support page that lets you get help for many different types of queries in one central spot. At the same time, we’ve increased the size of our support team to decrease response times. 11 Best Freelance Bitcoin Developers Hire in 48 Hours Custom ContentN/AN/AWe discussed a few updates to Confluence modules, including macro exports, the custom content module from Connect, and new Getting Started and Configure modules to help create a great customer experience.

The technical storage or access is required to create user profiles to send advertising, or to track the user on a website or across several websites for similar marketing purposes. Instead, most plans and benefit options are spread across intranets and other platforms, and instructions for which are buried in a company email that most of employees don’t even read. With 85% of adults having a smartphone, that’s where we go for resources to help us, like using a maps app to locate a nearby gas station or restaurant. But there is no map or other convenient solution for all the benefits and initiatives offered to employees over the course of a year.

The information provided on this website does not necessarily reflect the views of USAID, the United States Government, or the Johns Hopkins University. Get a personalized solution for your business needs with our free integration consultation and demo. By doing this it can do more through a lesser number of API calls, and for real-time integration scenarios, there are separate optimizations. Discover how to build and manage efficient integrations through our self paced courses. The panel then discussed the ways MBD can simplify engineering and workflows to other production teams. The conversation then evolved to the various use cases surrounding MBD and why many organizations are adopting it as a best practice.

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