Lips and Nose Exfoliator Brush


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kiwih’s Lips and nose exfoliator brush is easy to use, effective and easy to carry product. It is made of soft silicone bristles, gently clean, exfoliate and removes dead skin from lips/nose skin.It also can be use to scrub your face. This brush is very gentle to be use daily for smoother skin and fuller lip appearance

How to Use : On lips first apply lip scrub and gently exfoliate lips with lip brush with fine bristles in a circular motion. Wipe clean with a tissue or wash off. Then, with round big bristles massage lips with lipbalm or lipoil or lipmask. On nose you can apply any cleanser/soap and gentle massage in circular motion first with fine small bristles and then big round bristles. wash off face and apply any moisturiser or any product your use usually. Do not go harsh on skin and heavy hands on skin. face skin is delicate use very gently. clean and dry brush properly for next use.


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